Students and Parents’ Bulletin No. 2

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Warm Greetings and Welcome to Westfield Science Oriented School SY 2021-2022!

A school year of distance learning has been successfully implemented. The meeting of the minds was not hindered by the obstacles and challenges of the pandemic and was made possible by
the learning platform of the school and the support of the parents.

Once again, we thank you for entrusting your children to us. We are happy to welcome our old and new parents for being wonderful collaborators in achieving the school’s aim of providing the best education for our students. Your roles as partners of the school in molding your children keep us motivated to strive and work harder. This school year we look forward to another meaningful learning engagement with your children through your relentless partnership.

The learning platform of the school will be explained to the new students through the Meet and Greet activity from August 2-6 on a per level basis. The students will be oriented on how to go about Zoom and Google Suite for Education. They will also be taught how to navigate the school’s online platform — to view the lessons, to take assessments, and to turn-in activities.

Classes in all levels will open on August 9, 2021.

The PIK or Academic Blueprint will be issued to the students for parents to see. This PIK will serve as a guide to the topics expected for instruction and completion in each quarter. Parents are
encouraged to look at this learning continuum in the different subject areas.

The schedule of classes will be given by the respective class adviser on their first meeting. This can also be accessed in My Daily Reminders of the Learning Board.

Our virtual orientation for parents and new students has been prepared and may be accessed through the website of the school ( & before the opening of classes. Find time to watch the video.

The teachers will also conduct a general orientation for students during the first day of school. This will be followed by the subject orientation.

This school year, Westfield designed co-curricular activities which are doable in an online setting. These activities give opportunities to your child where he/she can participate in. These also serve as a breather from the loads of academics. A bulletin for parents regarding this matter will be sent to you.

The written communications of the school are being coursed through a school bulletin. This is posted in the Learning Board of the school’s website. Students are expected to refer all school related circulars to their parents or guardians.

Should there be concerns regarding your children in school, Senior and Junior High School parents may course it through the HS Inquiries and Grade School parents through the PS and GS Inquiries of the school’s website.

The Academic Team