Senior High School

Senior High School Curriculum

Westfield offers STEM and ABM Academic Strands for Senior High School. With the advent of K- 12 Program of the Department of Education, Westfield prepares for its Grades 11 and 12 programs.

Technical Courses will be integrated to the Senior High School program to strengthen the skills and employability of the students once they opt to skip Tertiary Education.

The school through the efforts of the Administration Team with the guidance of the Board headed by the President and CEO, chooses the The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) strands. Having in mind that technically equipped professionals can be entrepreneurs and businessmen too.

STEM’s core subjects are Oral Communications and Reading and Writing Skills both in English and Filipino; Mathematics requires the General Mathematics and Statistics, and Probability; Science is focused on Earth Science and Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction; Philosophy covers the Philosophy of the Human Person and Personal Development and Physical Education. It also has contextualized subjects such as; Empowerment Technologies, Research in Daily Life and English for Academic and Professional Purposes. STEM’s specialization subjects cover higher topics in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications and technical drafting will be integrated to the program to strengthen the skills and employability of the students once they opt to skip tertiary education.

ABM’s core subjects include Understanding culture, Society and Politics; 21st Century Literature and Contemporary Philippine Arts; and Media and Information Literacy in addition to the STEM’s core. For contextualized subjects, added are Pagsulat Sa Filipino sa Piling Larangan; Entrepreneurship; and a Research Project. Specialization of ABM includes Business Math; Organization and Management, Fundamentals of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Management, Business Marketing, Finance, Applied Economics, and Business Ethics; and Social Responsibility and Business Enterprise Simulation.

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