Meet & Greet Schedule

Meet & Greet Schedule for New Students and Transferees

August 2, 2021Nursery 212:00-2:00PM
August 2, 2021Kinder12:00-2:00PM
August 3, 2021Grade 19:00-11:00AM
August 3, 2021Grade 29:00-11:00AM
August 4, 2021Grade 39:00-11:00AM
August 4, 2021Grade 49:00-11:00AM
August 5, 2021Grade 59:00-11:00AM
August 5, 2021Grade 69:00-11:00AM
Pre-school & Grade School Department Meet & Greet Schedule
August 2, 2021Grade 72:00-3:30PM
August 3, 2021Grade 82:00-3:30PM
August 4, 2021Grade 92:00-3:30PM
August 5, 2021Grade 102:00-3:30PM
August 6, 2021Grade 112:00-3:30PM
High School Department Meet & Greet Schedule


  1. Visit the “Student LearningBoard” in the main menu to enter your respective Zoom Meeting
  2. Use your Surname and First Name when entering the Zoom Meeting
  3. For Grade 11 students, enter the “Common Grade 11” Zoom Meeting