School’s Vision

The vision of the school is to assist and develop the students of Westfield School to achieve intellectual, technological and moral guidance his continuing pursuit of educational achievement, satisfaction and happiness. The school envisions its students to become morally upright, disciplined and become paragon of excellence.


School’s Mission

The mission of Westfield Science Oriented School and Colleges commits itself to the complete development of a child by providing him an environment conducive to learning and using a science – oriented curriculum as centrepiece to establish a dependable educational foundation.


School’s Philosophy

The school believes that the best training to make a student well- rounded and highly functional individual is to expose them the vigor of a balanced science oriented curriculum. It is also our conviction that a student must be influenced to accomplish the school work needed in handling the challenges of academic life. Our affirmation in promoting excellence in all facets of the curriculum is the guiding principle of the school. Our goal in shaping the student’s mind by blending a science oriented curriculum, personal discipline, reverence, value formation and development of moral character are the pillars of this endeavour. And in doing so, students will grow up highly functional, a logical and critical thinker, spiritually enlightened, self reliant and useful to the society. With the school’s Vision-Mission, Westfield’s unique learning management system provides a creative and innovative ways to effectively teach students and inspire them to love school.