The LESG is a 6-year scholarship grant of Westfield Science Oriented School. It is open to all elementary graduating students with exceptional abilities in verbal/non-verbal, science and math subjects. LESG applicants undergo deep selection through written assessments and interviews. Once selected, he/she is offered the benefits of the grants and shall be required to finish his/her secondary course under the WSOS’ educational program. The grants may include free tuition/miscellaneous fees, free school/PE uniforms and textbooks .



  1. What are the credentials required to qualify and where can a student get a copy of LESG Application Form? The applicant must be a graduating elementary student (GS6) with no grades lower than 80 % in any subject during the THIRD QUARTER of the current school year and must have a good deportment records from the school where he/she is attending. Application forms are available free of charge at the Admissions Office of Westfield Science Oriented School.
  2. How can a qualified applicant avail of the scholarship grant? A qualified applicant, prior to the examination, is required to submit two (2) copies of 2 x 2 colored pictures and the accomplished LESG Application Form with signed recommendation from the School Principal or School Registrar of the school where he/she is attending. Westfield SOS conducts a qualifying test before an applicant is allowed to take the final screening. An applicant is also required to undergo a personal interview. Only those who are accepted by the School Board are given the benefits of the scholarship grant.
  3. When is the schedule of the examinations? The qualifying examinations is normally held on the third Saturday of February of the given school year at Westfield Main Campus, BF Resort Drive, BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City. The schedule for the Final Test is announced thereafter.
  4. What are the subjects covered in the examinations? The qualifying examinations cover assessments of verbal/non-verbal abilities and tasks in Science and Math subjects.
  5. When is the deadline for submission of application? All application forms must be submitted at the WSOS Admissions Office a day before the scheduled test.
  6. Does the school collects any amount or fee/s for the scholarship application? No. The whole process is free of charge.