Westfield’s Junior high school program has been thoroughly designed to help student’s transition from Grade School to the early stages of Secondary School The teaching model and educational beliefs of Westfield where behavioural discipline takes precedence before academic learning – discipline first and learning follows, is noticeably manifested and integrated in the curricular programs.

Westfield’s junior high school curriculum provides students with a sound preparation for their future studies and helps them to develop lifelong learning skills and attitudes. The holistic nature of the program takes into account aspects of a science oriented academic curricula and non- academic programs that nurtures the interests of students in sports and arts.

The science oriented curriculum in the junior high school covers a variety of subjects and learning paradigms in mathematics and sciences where the ultimate objective is to nurture the students to become critical thinkers. Lessons from Singapore based mathematics are also integrated to make the learning exposure full and rounded. English, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Filipino, Good Manners and Right Conduct and Physical Education subjects are all delivered using the Westfield’s rigorous curriculum standards.

Our educational team of passionate teachers and supervisors are skilled and trained to work together to create the best learning experience for students at Westfield. Our teachers are guided and focussed on the learning plans and their implementation in order to produce a comprehensive learning progression for our students and to ensure that they are teaching appropriately vis-a-vis school’s academic plans and expectations.

The Westfield educational program and course offerings are regularly refined to ensure that our curriculum continues to challenge our students and remain reflective of the educational philosophy of Westfield.