The elementary curriculum of Westfield offers a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum is based on a science oriented educational framework where students are exposed to different learning paradigms in mathematics and sciences.

The program also takes into account the importance of good behaviour and attitude as precedents before academic learning. The academic program provides great emphasis on the traditional subject areas in the grade school education namely; mathematics, science, English, Filipino, social studies, music, arts, computer studies and physical education. Thorough study and practice of Good Manners and Right Conduct is integrated to the program itself as early as Grade 1.

The Westfield grade school curricula fully utilizes the Bloom’s teaching methodologies and westfield’s rigorous assessment styles to create an engaging learning environment for the students. Lessons and materials from the Singapore-based Mathematics are also integrated in the curriculum to provide a holistic and rounded understanding of mathematical concepts.

Our grade school education curriculum is also designed to prepare our children for the changes in teaching styles, environment and routine when they are elevated to the next higher level or when entering the secondary level.

The teacher to student ratio in grade school is 1:25.